Patient Stories


If you’re living with schizophrenia, you’re not alone. Meet people like you who have had ups and downs on their treatment journeys, and are now being helped by long-acting symptom control with INVEGA TRINZA®. With the help of long-acting symptom control, they are working toward their treatment goals.


"You have to have patience with yourself and try to be strong, the best you can."

Watch Justin’s video below. He is taking INVEGA TRINZA®, which helps provide long-acting schizophrenia symptom control. Justin is pursuing his dream of studying art in college, while living with schizophrenia.


"I didn't want to get let down again and keep going through the same things I had been going through."

Watch Tanara’s video to see how she handled her diagnosis, treatment decisions and treatment journey. Today, Tanara is helping others who are living with schizophrenia.

Everyone’s experience with schizophrenia is different. Ask your doctor and Treatment Team if INVEGA TRINZA® is right for you.

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