Additional Resources for Your Recovery Journey


Here are a few resources and tools for help staying on track with treatment and feeling supported:


Keep Track of Your Treatment
(downloadable app on App Store and Google Play)

  • Keep track of your medications
  • Track when you receive your medication
  • Share your progress with your Treatment Team

Treatment Support
If you’re interested in some additional support in taking your medication, there may be programs available. Each program is different, but some may offer support options like:

  • Help with scheduling and remembering injection appointments
  • Assistance with understanding your benefit coverage

Help to Stay Motivated

(downloadable app on App Store and Google Play)

  • Connect to others and anonymously share your story.
(downloadable app on App Store and Google Play)

  • A game that helps you build up personal resilience, which can help you stay strong, motivated, and optimistic while facing challenges.

Schizophrenics Anonymous

  • A peer support / self-help step program that is organized and managed by people who have schizophrenia. The organization offers local support groups, special events, and online educational resources and monthly eNewsletters.

Help for Caregivers

The Family Caregiver Alliance
( or 1-800-445-8106)

  • The first community-based nonprofit organization that serves as a nationwide public voice for caregivers of loved ones with chronic health conditions. It offers both online and in-person support groups for caregivers, as well as educational webinars and classes.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
( or 1-800-950-6264)

  • An organization that supports people with mental illness and their families and friends through peer-led programs, classes for individuals and families, presentations, and weekly or monthly support groups.

Find Local Help

Mental Health America (MHA)
( or 1-800-445-8106)

  • The country’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization for mental health and mental illnesses. It is a community-based organization that aims to help people live mentally healthier lives.
  • Local affiliates can provide education and options for peer support and some self-directed care.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
( or 1-866-615-6464)

  • Offers information on mental illnesses and treatment options.
  • Advocacy outreach programs in local communities